How To

1. Whip up bead-slip in can, swirl it around with brush and it creams up.

2. Use Uncle Dick's brushes and apply to bead of tire as shown.

3. Best practice, apply while tire is on rim in trouble areas or all the way around tire bead.

* I don't recommend applying bead-slip all the way around on low pressure tubeless set ups, just apply where/if needed to trouble spots, you don't want to encourage tire burping.

4. My bead-slip will dissolve and leave no visual trace on your tire, compatible with all tires,

rims, alloys, metals and is non corrosive. 

5. Allows for easy dismount of tire, most importantly saves you time and tire rolls true which provides better handling. No more wobble..!

6. Creates a safer install, no more high psi to seat your stubborn beads and tire rolls true..!

7. No na na tomorrow

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9. 9 for my lost god

and 10. 10 10 for everything everything everything...!