About us

I love bikes.

Back in the middle 1990's while living in Chicago I started a 10 year ride with SRAM Corporation another 6 years in Wisconsin working for Hayes followed. I learned a lot from both companies and traveled the globe extensively, all for bikes.

These days, I'm back in the bike shop fixing bikes and working with customers. I'm a service manager which means I change a lot of tires. From old vintage beadless Schwinns to new school Shimano tubeless road technology and everything in between. Cycling has evolved and will continue to and it's the shop guys that pick up all the pieces keeping the peeps rolling.

I see a lot of struggle when tires are being mounted both tubeless and non-tubeless. Wasted un-billable shop time lost, wobbly tires with un-seated tire beads. With a host of tubeless technologies in the game and way too many tire manufactures out there it's no wonder tires can be hard to seat during some installations. I know my bead slip will help you seat a tire bead fast, reduce wobble, improve bike handling and save the shop time and money.

My name is Rich, I have a problem with bikes... I can't stop riding them.. I'm located in Milwaukee, WI.  Uncle Dicks has been in business since 2012. I ride road, commute, DJ/park and mostly mountain bikes.

I'm proud to work and ride in my cycling community and it's good fun!





Uncle Dick

5459 N 12th Street

Milwaukee, WI.