News March 13 2014

Bicycle Retailer announced 2014 Distributor line up for UD... March 13 2014

Guitar Ted, jams some bead slip...




Bicycle Times Magazine spreads the love and slip..! February 15 2014


Thanks for looking, UD

Uncle Dick goes to Whistler..! January 30 2014


Nice little review from BC.





Jimmy Mac over at mbaction solves pesky wit da slip..! January 05 2014


Look for more coverage of Uncle Dick's Bead Slip in the actual (paper) magazine.soon.



Plugging and Chugging here..! January 04 2014


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Downhillnews spreads da slip..! January 04 2014


Toot, toot..!



Bike Radar does UD good..! January 04 2014


Hey Bike Radar, thanks for spreading the slip..!



Uncle Dicks covered on Bicycle Retailer and Industry News November 04 2013


Thank you, BRAIN..!



Bike Rumor gets first look at my new product..! October 11 2013


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Intro to blogging September 14 2013

My first blog, hmmm stopping to smell the e-commerce... 

Ok, I must admit I'm thrilled too have a new site up and running.. Of course, I have a lot too say just not sure blogging is for me.

Maybe we go slow at first and see if this is good for both of us.